i'm glad you're here! call me athorn.

the site you've entered is essentially just a place to compile all my silly little creative works - look around and you'll find them, plus some well-hidden easter eggs here and there ;) my main interests lie in music (here's my music page) and writing (here's my writing page) and of course, old web stuff. i was deeply inspired by the creativity of other neocities and, like many of you folks, decided to teach myself webmaking during quarantine. i'm no expert by any means but i have a lot of fun experimenting :) the other purpose of this site is to get away from the pressure/obligations of social media, which is why i'd like to keep my identity anonymous here (and also bc i just like the whole mysterious vibe hehe) - but of course i'm always open to new friends!! so here's a little about me:

i look like this ^

i'm 20-something, from the united states. i'm a virgo sun, libra moon, and scorpio rising. i play guitar and hope to release music someday lol. ummmmm uhhhhhh also my favorite show is twin peaks (i basically look like bobby briggs. please picture me in your mind as bobby briggs) but i also have a special place in my heart for anime, specifically hunter x hunter, demon slayer, and cowboy bebop :)
oh!! i am also deeply interested in dreams (i have always had vivid and epic dreams) which is why my dream journal is perhaps my favorite part of this site; much of the site's layout/theme is actually based on various dreams i've had, as you might find if you explore a bit...
i will not tell you my gender or pronouns. guess ;)

my all-time fav albums:

homogenic by bjork (1997)
damnation by opeth (2003)
saturday night wrist by deftones (2006)
w^w^^w^w by car bomb (2012)
evol by sonic youth (1986)
soft sounds from another planet by japanese breakfast (2017)
deathconsciousness by have a nice life (2010
reading, writing, and arithmetic by the sundays (1990)
horse jumper of love by horse jumper of love (2016)

my all-time fav films and shows:

twin peaks (1990)
cowboy bebop (1998)
the craft (1996)
scooby-doo on zombie island (1998) (I PROMISE ITS GOOD)
audition (1999)
hunter x hunter (1999 and also 2011)
demon slayer (2019)
there will be blood (2007)
silent hill (2006)

that's about all i have to say. please feel free to look around, and if you would like to include me on your page, here's a button i made:

i have decided to refrain from giving you any of my other social media (it's more fun that way), but if you'd like to you can sign my guestbook, post a message on my neocities profile, or email me at: athornathornathorn@mail.com.

see you around!